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I am fascinated in social services human services in helping people where can I find jobs or places that have those requirements.

I need to know what places or jobs that require associates degree or some kind of bachelors that need social workers or peer support specialists.

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Jae Suh

There are many different jobs available at various levels, with specific educational requirements. However, those that are seeking therapist/counselor roles typically will require a master's degree and/or license (or at least status as a registered intern). For those with bachelor's degrees, there are plenty of opportunities to work in the social services/human services lines of work. Case Managers, Social Worker Assistants, and other types of roles in your area should be available. You can look up different companies/agencies and look up various jobs/roles and you will find that many do not have requirements beyond a bachelor's degree. The field of substance use recovery programs often offer good opportunities with Associate's degree backgrounds as well. Various certification required to work in recovery programs often start with AA-level degrees. As for Peer Support Specialists, many companies will offer opportunities for those that do not have degrees. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Answered 4 weeks ago

Jae Suh