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Morgan Ray

I would recommend a few things.

Review the curriculum for the Master's in General Psychology, General Counseling, School Psychology and other programs and compare the core courses provided in the school catalog( If you have chosen a specific institution to attend or even if there are several that you are considering). Create a chart or find a site that is able to create a side by side comparison of graduate programs. Or take this opportunity to sharpen those Excel, Word and Publisher Skills to create the chart on your own, you will definitely need those skills in the professional world.

Search job postings for counseling and school psychologist roles, fellowships and assistant ships to evaluate what requirements are typically for that role. Keep in mind, some requirements can vary from state to state and there will always be minor differences.

Starting off with a Masters can be great and possibly if the program you chose has the ability to link with the Eds program offered, it may shorten the duration of both programs.

I hope that this helps!

Answered 4 years ago

Morgan  Ray