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Brian Cesario

Hi there,
First, I think it's great that, at such an early age, you've discovered a few things about which you are passionate and could forge a career path. However, as you pointed out, you are still in your second year of high school. This is a time in life for self-discovery and explanation, so don't feel too pressured to commit to a career path just yet! I would suggest learning what you can about each of your passions. Talk with your school's guidance counselor if you need additional help, too. Perhaps s/he could connect you with some professionals to give you an idea of what kinds of career options are out there.

Whatever you choose to do, though, just relax and enjoy the ride. Do well in school, study hard, and don't stress out too much over career options. You've got enough time on your side right now!

Answered 8 years ago

Brian Cesario