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Bjana McGee

My first question would be if you are interested in becoming licensed as a counselor? Some people pursue licensure, others don't. My personal opinion is that licensing provides more career opportunities, including private practice if that is an interest. As you continue through your program pay special attention to the classes that excite you the most, the ones that peak your interest a little bit more than the others. What is the material you're studying and what is it about the material that you find fascinating? These will be some things to consider as you go through your program. It will help you develop a clearer picture for your career path. Furthermore, most M.A. counseling programs require some type of field study or practicum placement. That s also a good time for exploration. For example, when I did my practicum I did a lot of work with kids. It was that experience that allowed me to conclude that I didn't want to do daily work with children. From there, I was able to pursue other interests. Hope this helps, but I'm willing to answer any additional questions if neccessary.

Answered 9 years ago

Bjana McGee