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Violeta Donawa

This depends. Psychology degrees can be used as foundational information for pursuing other areas. From a business standpoint, there are authors like Dr. Allan Weiss or social entrepreneur, Bobby Smith. You could also pursue a graduate degree in another area, Social Sciences or Humanities.

I suggest making two lists: one will describe what you'd like to do if you didn't think anyone would judge you, the other being a list of the skills you've gained since studying Psych. The second one might be difficult because it's often hard to speak about ourselves so ask an instructor or a friend who knows you and can attest to the skills they see in you. Are you good at conflict management? Are you good at assessing a person's character which could be suitable in Human Resources? Figure out your skills and think think about the ways these skills fit into your ideal job. THEN do some research on the ways to pursue your ideal job. It may mean more school, more networking, becoming a member of an organization (just to be around the right people who can help you/plug you in), it may mean making a blog and using social media outlets more effectively, etc.

Hope this helps!

Answered 9 years ago

Violeta Donawa