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Debra Williamson

You can work as a Case Manager at most State agencies, entry level mental health agencies may hire you (but it will probably be direct care...yuck), Government agencies will hire most graduates regardless of major as long as you have a degree. There aren't a lot of jobs available with a B.A. in Psychology unless you're willing to go into a totally different area. I have a cousin who worked in sales at IBM with a liberal Arts degree, he just knew someone. Ask your advisors at school and other people who majored in your field. I had a B.A in Psychology and worked as a Mental Health Technician (No degree was needed), then as a Case Worker for the Public Aid department, and later as a Case Manager/Recruiter/ trainer for a culinary arts school. I also did some Substitute teaching and other things. I eventually returned and got my Masters in Counseling, but found out that you must have your license and pass a state licensing test in order to work in counseling.

I hope this helps some.

Answered 8 years ago

Debra Williamson