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Nikhil Damodaran

Social Sciences refers to a broad class of subjects - economics, politics, history, etc. Basically it deals with various aspects of the society - understanding them and trying to think about them.

You could be interested in answering a question - What causes poverty? Why arent there as many jobs in the economy? How did a racial separation originate?

You could find jobs in all aspects of government finances, Banks, stock markets (Economics/Finnacial Economics), historian (Researcher/teacher), Political Analyst in Newspapers etc.

What we dont realise is that there are a lot of jobs for all the fields of social sciences which dont appear to be as cool. In the middle of undergrad we only hear of engineers or medical professionals or skilled professionals. Social Scientists have a very different skill set and have interesting prospects.

Ask a history major about her job opportunities in your university. Just head out and explore!

Answered 9 years ago

Nikhil Damodaran