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Terri Apodaca

Your comment "something just doesn't feel right" is a step in the right direction to your answer. Some people call it instinct, a gut feeling, or hearing from God and I have found it to be a sure way to guide me to the right decision.

Here are some practical steps to take which may also help:

1 - Write down the things that you are passionate about, not just what class you are good in, but what is it about those classes (the content, perhaps) that you like. 2 - What doesn't feel right about majoring in Psychology? Write down those thoughts/feelings. 3 - Talk to a source (subject matter expert) that you trust, who can provide you with more insight about Psychology or any of the other majors you are considering. Use their feedback to help you make a decision.
4 - Also, do your own research to gain more knowledge, then imagine yourself utilizing the skills you will acquire from the major you select. Do you like the image you see? Is that the direction you want to go in?

If you do all of these things and evaluate your motives for wanting to major in a specific area, the next step is to trust yourself (and your feelings) and know that you will arrive at the best decision. If you pray, I would put that at the top of the list of things to do.

Best wishes!

Answered 5 years ago

Terri Apodaca