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They all will revolve around income and expenses one way or another. A restaurant operation is similar to any other business, but requires sound skill sets in financial planning; cost control; sales/marketing; profit and loss management. General business classes might not seem "relevent" at this junction of your education, but will be as you progress in the industry. Get a solid general business background, coupled with practical hands on experience, I emphasize the later, because the restaurant business on the "outside' may seem appealing evern glamours. On the inside however it require the skill set's mentioned above; strong work ethic and attention to detail. It is a very fast paced 24/7 type of industry which some adapt well to and others not. 9 out 10 restaurants fail. Reason: undercapitalizd,ie., not enough cash reserves (equity) to run the business until it become cash flow positive, usually a minimum of 18 months, more likely 24. In this respect (capital) all business' are in a like position.

Answered 7 years ago