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Does Teaching make you happy? How did you decide that you wanted to teach?

Hi, I think I want to become a teacher, but I am scared because I see teachers that look like they hate their jobs, But I love helping people.. will that happen to me?

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William Gillen

Teaching in the United States is a very hard profession. You are not paid your worth and people resent your time off, especially during the summer. I was a teacher for three years and it was the most rewarding job I ever had; I was also incredibly poor! After teaching, I went into the corporate world, made a lot more money and did not work half as hard. The sad part is that in the rest of the world teachers are held in high esteem. In rural France, you go to the mayor for a dispute, but he is not there you would find the town's teacher! I wish that the U.S. regarded teaching with that respect!

Answered 7 years ago

William Gillen