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Aundraya Williams, PHR

My recommendation is to seek out internship and entry-level job opportunities as a method to gain experience and get your "foot in the door" (File Clerk, Office Assistant, Administrative Assistant). If you are already working, share your interests with your manager and ask for opportunities to work on new assignments, such as assisting with the recruitment and hiring process, documenting work procedures, and training new team members. You will also want to increase your exposure to HR professionals by networking. Many HR organizations offer membership to students at a discounted rate (SHRM, NHRA, PIHRA, NAAAHR). Another great way to network and build your skill set is to volunteer. I would also recommend that you complete your AA or BA degree in human resources, business, organizational development, etc.. If you are unable to get a degree focused in HR, you might also want to consider enrolling in an HR Management certificate program. Several colleges offer these programs in an online format as well as classroom format.

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Answered 7 years ago

Aundraya Williams, PHR