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There are a couple of ways you can find out if Human Resources is a good career choice for you or not. The first one would be to go to college and pursue a degree in Business, w/ a minor in Human Resources or a degree in Human Resources Management. You will be able to choose if this is a career choice that you'd like, just by the classes you take and the information covered. Another route would be to search for an entry level position in Human Resources, even if it's a contract position, such as a Human Resources Assistant. This way, you can see if you enjoy this career choice by getting your foot in the door. For example, one of my best college friends experienced this. She received her degree in Fashion, but ended up working in Human Resources for many years. Now that she's done it, she wants to get back into the Fashion Industry. So, this is why I said to get familiar and the experience under your belt, so you can make that decision for yourself. I hope this helps!

Answered 8 years ago