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Curtis Swisher

I've compiled information on more than 900 occupations. We are creating an e-course entitled Choose Your Career With Confidence that is scheduled to launch in August.

Here is what I have on Social work. Unfortunately, I cannot attached a spreadsheet. Maybe you can see that there are 6 columns of information copied below. Go to the O*Net website (see web address near bottom) to read detailed descriptions of these occupations.

O*Net Occupation Entry-level Education TOTAL EMPLOYMENT ANNUAL MEDIAN Career Cluster Videos Career Videos
Child, Family, and School Social Workers Bachelor’s degree 276,760 $42,120 Law and Public Safety Videos Child - Family - School Social Workers
Healthcare social workers Master’s degree
Mental health and substance abuse social workers Bachelor’s degree 110,010 $40,970 Health Science Videos Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers
Mental health counselors Master’s degree 115,580 $40,580 Human Services Videos Mental Health Counselors
Social and Community Service Managers Bachelor’s degree 115,330 $61,160
Social and Human Service Assistants High school diploma or equivalent 355,500 $29,230 Human Services Videos Social and Human Service Assistants
Social Science Research Assistants 26,830 $38,310
Social Work Teachers, Postsecondary Doctoral or professional degree 10,780 $64,280

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, www.bls.gov/ooh

Curtis Swisher

Answered 7 years ago

Curtis Swisher