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Alessandra Jones

I struggled with choosing which direction to go as well when I was in college a long time ago! I changed my major a few times because I really liked a wide variety of subjects and my interests led me in rather crazy directions.

The best piece of advice I received then - which I thought was baloney then - was simply to find what clicked with my brain, something I was passionate about, and for which I had the aptitude.

I think aptitude is important - I am passionate about dance, but I don't have the aptitude for dance :) I am also very passionate about basketball, but I lack a few attributes and the aptitude for it - so far the NBA and WNBA haven't called me yet! :)

HR encompasses a wide range of concentrations and specializations that, in my humble opinion, may be better suited to a wide variety of career choices. Within HR you can concentrate and gain experience in labor relations, compensation, benefits, compliance, legal issues, hiring, performance assessment, metrics, etc. In other words, there are areas within HR that utilize a wide variety of aptitudes - for instance, if you are good with statistics and math, metrics (how HR measures performance, etc.) is one such concentration.

PR certainly has its niches as well, but in my view it has a fairly narrow range of possibilities and aptitude requirements.

I think that you should take a look at who you are, what are you passionate about, what are your pet peeves, what you have a knack for, etc. to help you figure out which direction you should take.

Answered 9 years ago

Alessandra Jones