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Rhonda Davidson

It's an excellent career with many options. I obtained my Bachelors in Psychology and then obtained an entry level HR Specialist position. (Best way to obtain an entry position is to have an excellent resume, present well, and.. take a low offer to get your foot in the door.) 3 years later I entered HR management and have now obtained over 12 years experience.

Many different positions are available within the HR field. Some chose to centralize into specific functions or fields, such as recruiting, payroll, worker comp management, or training, which may suit some best if they have a specific interest.
If you chose not to specialist and to instead generalize in HR, you can also be promised a challenging, ever-changing and, in my opinion, enjoyable career. Some personalities are not best suited for field, as the position requires a firm character able to enforce policies, understand legalities, be the company role model, and document-document-document all at all times.

I recommend researching the National Labor website for growing careers to see what is projected as needed areas in next 10 to 20 years.
Good luck with your career!

Answered 9 years ago

Rhonda Davidson