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Ken Simmons

Congratulations on seeking help in such an important area.

One good way is to talk to your school guidance counselor or academic adviser to arrange to take interest and aptitude tests, as they will tell you much about how your interests, aptitudes, and personality fit into various career areas. Then you can arrange to talk to people in those career areas to determine proper fit.

Here are some links that will help also:
RE: interest testing

RE: talk to others to get more career information

I would like to help further, if I had the following information:
- are you in high school or college or a graduate. If so, what is the school?
- what do think that your major interest area might be?
- in what community do you reside?

Looking forward to hearing from you, so that I can help further.

Answered 5 years ago

Ken Simmons

David Brand

Hello, my name is David and I am well versed in The Scriptures which provides an extensive amount of information on how to lead our lives appropriately. I am a servant of the Messianic Faith and it would be a heartening to me and Elohim(Our Father and Our Messiah) to share their expectations of how we lead our lives.

Answered 6 years ago

David Brand