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I am really interested in how the brain works and what makes us think and act the way we do; what career options are out there for this?

I really enjoy talking to people and giving advice, but I am more interested in diagnosing people's problems. I want to study people in depth and understand why chemically, behaviorally, biologically, etc. they are the way they are. My main concern is choosing a specific career because psychology is too general of a major and I worry I will not get a job easily.

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Ja'Vonni Partlow

Look into Behavioral Neuroscience (also called Psychobiology, Biopsychology, or just Neuroscience). I majored in Behavioral Neuroscience and learned all about the things you are interested in. I worked in a lab where I studied people and their thinking patterns (specifically how bias works in the human brain).
Many people feel that it is difficult to work in Psychology. This is WRONG WRONG WRONG. What matters most will be experience. In order to get a decent paying job after college will be to take on as many internships and volunteer experiences as possible. I landed a corporate Human Resources job right out of college and I know many people who went into therapy, research, and graduate school. The opportunities with a Psychology are endless! It's general nature actually makes you an asset to many different fields. You'll never feel stuck in a career path. All careers involve people to some degree.

Answered 2 years ago

Ja'Vonni Partlow