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Philosophy is listed in your description, and I have some questions about that field if you can answer them. It is my passion and my best subject to date but careers in philosophy seem more like a dream than reality.

Philosophy is my passion, but I have several career interests. I see that philosophy is an interest of yours too, and I want to know how to pursue philosophy and incorporate it into a career. It is not easy to find advice on this topic from someone with experience!

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Steve Zinaman

You can use a philosophical approach to anything in business. Philosophy trains your mind to think logically and apply thought to your role in business and to be able to logically and structurally support your business decisions.

If you enjoy philosophy, this elders, the wise men, and their writings, then you can also use their wisdom to become your own mentor. It's a great training mode and gives you a deep though structure, as long as you don't vary from the wisdom that you develop as you progress in your role.

Answered 7 years ago

Steve Zinaman