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Ken Simmons

The best thing to do is first to decide the focus of your internship. Most commonly, it is related to your career area or your major area of study.

Here are some effective ways to use to start
- talk to your academic advisor or your school counselor to get information regarding internships available and ones that others in your area of interest might have experienced
- talk to the head of alumni relations, or the person who tracks graduates of your school, as this person can help you to get in contact with alumni who can give you information about their experiences and opportunities which might be available in their companies
- talk to companies in the area in which you might have an interest and explain to them that you are interested in participating in an internship with them
- talk to your academic advisor, your school counselor, and/or the reference librarian at your local library to locate professional associations in your area which represent professionals in your area of interest, as many of those organizations know of or even sponsor such internships.

Here is something of interest which I would like to share. During my daughter's senior year in high school, the highlight of that year, and of the whole high school experience, was to be the 3 month senior internship experience. Everyone (except for one girl) put in their interest application and waited. Many, including my daughter, found that the experience was much less that what was anticipated. The one girl who deviated from the norm, had decided that she wanted to do an internship with the local EMS unit, as the wants to become a doctor. She was able to work out with the EMS unit and her school to set up a very effective and helpful internship experience, which was much more fulfilling than many others that year.

Best of luck. You have much more control in this area that you might imagine.

Here is some advice on networking that will help you to succeed in your quest for information regarding internships and your career area

Also, here is a site that might help

Let me know if and how I might be able to help.

Answered 5 years ago

Ken Simmons