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Paula Rauenbuehler

Good day,
I too have a bachelor's in psychology. Before pursuing a masters', I worked for a few years. For a few reasons--i knew I'd need to pay for my own education and needed to build some reserves. I also was like you, not sure I wanted to go in to the more well known professions using that degree, and three-wanted to take the time to make sure that it was the right direction for me before investing in the education.

I ended up finding a place in Human Resources. The things I learned in my bachelor's program still serve me now, more than 20 yrs later.

I did go back to school--but for an MBA. This helped me establish some of the more business oriented knowledge so I can 'talk the talk' with others I work with and I use the people skills I gained in my earlier years at the university.

Psychology helps you in many fields--and if you do not want to get in to more formal therapy roles--you might consider what complimentary programs would match well with your degree but not duplicate your knowledge.

Answered 4 years ago

Paula Rauenbuehler