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Jessica Torres

I will tell you that just HAVING a degree at all will open many doors. It is less relevant WHAT the degree is in for positions that don't require technical knowledge/skilled trades (doctors, engineers, graphic designers). So, by that I mean: You can start looking for jobs that you are interested in. Think about where you want to be long term and find out what the entry level position to get there would be. Example: If you want to be a VP of Sales, running an entire salesforce for a company then you should start at a sales represtentative position. Don't let your degree limit you. I am a Recruiting Manager without a degree, and work with Recruiters who have Psychology degrees, business degrees, english and journalism degrees.. you see where I'm going here. Hiring managers will know when you are passionate about doing the job, and that goes a long way. Hope this helps!

Answered 6 years ago

Jessica Torres