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Allie Davis

That is great that you are thinking about this. My recommendation is to call around and see if you could shadow or at least interview people who hold those possible jobs you are considering.

Also, I would search on-line for openings in those jobs. You could then check out the qualifications. Don't just look at the basics like education, but consider the interpersonal skills and number of years of experience required for those jobs. I think sometimes people get surprised when they can't jump right into a managerial role.

That leads me to the importance of internships. Not only is an internship a great opportunity to get a glimpse into future work environments, but they can also be a foot in the door. I come from a business background in the oil and gas industry (I am an in-house Landman, which means I work in the office) so I was a

I cannot stress enough how important internships are.

Answered 9 years ago

Allie Davis