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Ja'Vonni Partlow

You have many options depending on your interests! I was a Psychology major with a focus on Neuroscience. I am now working in corporate HR. Many businesses love Psychology majors because of our understanding of people. If you're interested in the business route, you can look into Human Resources.

If you like the scientific side, you can look into research. There are many psychology labs that have various focuses. Some focus more on the brain, some focus on behavior.

If you like more therapy work, you can look into being a psychologist or psychiatrist. The difference is that a psychIAtriast can prescribe medicine and goes through medical school while a psychOLogist does not. Both options allow you to give therapy and have various focuses (children, elderly, veterans, etc.).

If you are interested in the social impact side, you can look into social work and non-profit work.

The list goes on but these are just some of your many options! Many people say that a Psychology degree is tough for jobs but that is FAR from true. Find out what you like and start seeking experience to support your degree. Good luck! :)

Answered 6 years ago

Ja'Vonni Partlow