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Alan Tecktiel

The wonderful thing about HR is the incredible variety of work that is available within the field. There are essentially two categories of roles broken down into generalist and specialist.

Generalists typically do a little bit of everything in support of a particular group within a company. This includes providing tools and consulting on performance management, discipline (employee relations), policy and compliance, and recruiting and talent management.. Often at larger organizations, generalists are really responsible for delivering the wide range of services and tools that are developed by other groups within HR, which brings us to specialist functions.

Specialist roles are available in compensation and benefits, recruiting, talent management, training and development, labor relations, diversity, and more. These roles focus on the design or tools, templates,programs and processes. It requires a deeper and more in depth knowledge while generalists need to have more breadth.

Many find it beneficial to being with a generalist job and do stints in specialist areas once they have enough exposure to know what they like.

Answered 9 years ago

Alan Tecktiel