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Hello Mr Veigel, My goal for the next year is to get an internship at a company here in Ft Lauderdale, Florida preferably at IBM or Citrix.

I would like to get your input on how to land this internship as I am only in second year of college at Palm Beach State and would be graduating soon to transfer to FAU and complete my Bachelor in Computer Science and after that I want to continue with my masters.
At the moment I work at a different field and I am 24 years old.
I would like to add you to my network in linked in so that we can communicate better.
thank you.

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Mike Veigel

Feel free to send me an invite on LinkedIn and please call me Mike.

One of the best ways to secure an internship is to reach out to staff at the company you want to internship at. You are starting down the right path (networking) which will definitely help. Aside from general networking, a couple of solid recommendations on your LinkedIn profile coupled with either a sample project showcasing your work or contributions to the open-source community via GitHub would be well received.

I once hired an intern (true story) because he listed "Food trucks" as a hobby on his resume. I appreciated the creative response which landed him a phone interview. My point being: stand out in some way if you can.

Working on your professional brand is important. Make sure you have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile and that you do not have any negative comments/postings/pictures online anywhere (Facebook, Twitter etc.). I would also read the book entitled "Search Inside Yourself" which was single-handedly the best book I read on emotional intelligence. Hiring managers love to see both technical capability and also the type of emotional intelligence needed to be an effective team member.

I could probably write a few pages here but hopefully this helps you get started!

Answered 5 years ago

Mike Veigel

Ken Simmons

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Answered 2 years ago

Ken Simmons