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OK... If you flunk and don't become damn good at what you do, your life will really suck 5 years from now. That's guaranteed, because India and China already churn out more engineers than the US, even Level 1 techs working for Microsoft in India have a Masters' degree, and they are cheaper to employ and train than you.

If you think about it in that perspective, do you think you can afford to be average especially given the cost of your education in the US? No? Well friend, there's your motivation.

Answered 7 years ago


Ankur Kapadia


First of all let me congratulate you for choosing computer engineering as a field for your adventure and journey through life. It is a thoroughly promising and enjoyable career.
All of us go through stages of life where our motivation dips a bit.
What are your targets that you need to achieve in order to reach your goal of transferring to a UC school? Have you set those targets for yourself? Have you set timelines to achieve those targets?
If you have set yourself targets which you believe will, without a shadow of doubt, get you to a UC school of your choice, then you are already on your way. And by breaking down these targets into shorter, smaller targets, your motivation to complete a short and relevant target may help you achieve your eventual goal.

Every morning, do you setup a TODO list for yourself to achieve?

Why are you passionate about computer engineering? What dream do you have that you would be able to achieve using this field?


Answered 8 years ago

Ankur Kapadia