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Raj Krishnamoorthy


I have the same background as yours i.e Mathematics and Computer science. I am still in IT field but went on to do my MBA to go into business side. I like my job and area of field but as part of my career progression I went to business school. Also I had an interest towards business as I was working in the IT area in different industries. So its a mix of my background and interest. After gaining some experience, I pursued my interests and expanded my knowledge base. My suggestion would be to what field interests you and your short and long term goals.
If you're not happy with your job or current company, you can look for alternative options such as different company, different job in IT itself. e.g Programmer to System administration or Product manager or Project management. If Economics is what you want to do or is your interest then there are options to pursue masters degree in economics or leadership programs or an MBA. Economists have good careers at Banking/finance industry or big consulting companies. It is good career option. It all depends on your interest and long term goals. I have attached links for both education and careers.



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Thanks, Raj

Answered 4 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy