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Henry Eng

In my opinion, the school you attend does not mean anything if you aren't competent. Find a quality program and study to be in the top 10% of your class. If you can, take advantage of internships or part-time work in the IT field. Put that "work experience" together with a good education and recommendations from instructors and supervisors to make you a strong competitor for a suitable IT job. It is so competitive out there so keep working hard, in school and on any job. It will pay off.

Answered 2 years ago

Henry Eng

Ricky Sharma

Hey My friend ,

I would say it is important but not super important . I know some people who are graduated from online universities and they have solid knowledge about product and doing good.

In the end if whether you have a degree from regular university or distance doesn't matters if you don't have a skills to perform the job.

However some employers recommend students from regular universities but if you have a skills and you are a champion then thats what matters most.


Answered 1 year ago

Ricky Sharma