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Jim Ting

If you moved away from technology, have you been keeping up with it on your personal time or once in management, although you don't like management, you didn't have enough desire in technology to keep yourself engaged? Usually if one likes something, one will find some time here and there to be involved. If you have not been keeping up with tech, you may want to really ask yourself is tech what you really like or is it something else. Since you now know what you don't like- management, go focus on what you really like.

Answered 1 year ago

Jim Ting

Sufian Abu

There are few of the following ways you can figure out if you like IT or not:
- Read about IT online and see if that interests you. IT is extremely wide so there are so many aspects of IT that just becoming aware of what all entails IT can expose you to aspects of IT that you may like.
- Go to a local community college and take an introductory IT course
- As you already have ERP HR knowledge take a class in an ERP like SAP's Human Capital Management and see if you can bring in your ERP HR experience into SAP's HR module.
- Find somebody who works in IT and talk to them.

Hopefully this help.


Answered 8 years ago

Sufian Abu