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Ankur Kapadia


Congratulations for taking the first step in stating a want and asking for help.
It is difficult to provide accurate guidance not knowing someone background, so any of the suggestions below may be a hit or a miss for your specific situation.

Have you built any of your own video games before for fun using available online tools?
Have you published these games to various available platforms such as IPhone, Android, Browser etc....?

If you haven't I suggest some research on google:
One quick example is the site below:

If you already do, get feedback from your customers to see how you can improve your game to get thousands of hits and active players. If you have enough momentum in your own creations, approaching a company that makes its own video game with the kind of credibility that a active popular game brings, will ensure you get a welcoming foot in the door.

hope this helps.

Answered 7 years ago

Ankur Kapadia