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Gaurav Garg

Dear Mentee,

I believe if you have already earned your associate's degree in IT-network, then you should be seeking the jobs in industries which are network based companies like CISCO, IBM, MICROSOFT just to name few. Most of the IT companies have their network department which actually controls the network of their organisation, some large and some small.

I would recommend visit to this companies site, look for eligibility of the requirement and if you think you have those, you can apply and may get a call for interview.

Its totally your choice to see where you want to go to....Computer programming or Market.

I would say on my personal experience Computer programming and IT jobs are more like sitting jobs and brain work with less compared interaction while market job needs your expertise in social and language understanding and is more physical than IT job.

In IT you will see the same set of people and interact with them on daily basis, while you will get chance to meet new faces every day in social or market field.

The choice is yours .. Good luck !!

Answered 7 years ago

Gaurav Garg