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Otto Grajeda

The best answer is to have 3 choices:
a = Area within your passion / interest
b = Area near your passion / interest
c = Area outside your passion / interest

a = IT Manager = Major in Business Administration, Focus is Management; Minor in IS or CS.
b = IT (front/back end) Developer = Major in IS or CS, Focus is Software ; Minor in Business.
c = IT Sales = Major in Business, Focus is Sales or Marketing

When you've identified all three, the next step is use external data sources
to narrow the choices and help you determine if the job category/industry
will be in USA, circa 2020 (and 2040?).

You can read reports like this:


If the (job) category/industry will be there, then you should consider
the major. If not, repeat the above until you find a good match for both.

Hope this helps !

Answered 9 years ago

Otto Grajeda