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Sufian Abu

Depends a lot on answers to following questions:
1. Where are you located?
2. What subjects are you good in? Are you good in Math and Science?
3. Are you more of a conceptual person or a hands on person?

Please keep in mind that High Tech is a very broad field. You can learn how to program, how to install software, how to configure client computers, how to configure servers, how to setup networks, how to manage storage, how to manage databases, how to design databases and applications, how to provide support on help desk and so on.

Here is what I recommend. I can spend about an hour with you during the weekend over the phone and talk to you in detail and ask you questions. This will give you more idea on what paths are possible and will also give me more idea about your background and what may be good steps for you.

Let me know of a convenient time.

(952) 250-9633

Answered 9 years ago

Sufian Abu