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I'm sure many colleges have good IT, or Computer Science, programs. The college I attended had a CS curriculum that focused a lot of team development, server-side code, Java, and object-oriented design. There are a lot of other facets of IT - databases, server-side code, hardware. While my school wasn't well-known for its CS department, I found the professors to be helpful in teaching me what I needed to learn and clarifying the material.

Luckily, what I loved doing the most - programming and web development - was something that was taught pretty thoroughly at my university, and I was able to get a job as a web developer almost right out of college.

I'm sure there are colleges that you could look into for having an exceptionally good CS program, but having just graduated and found a job after going on plenty of interviews, I can tell you that employers are more interested in what you know than where you learned it. So whether you go to an ivy league school or any other college, they can teach you the same things if you're willing to apply yourself and learn.

Answered 9 years ago