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Yifan Chen

IT is a very big industry, there are thousands different jobs you can get. Hardware, software, helpdesk, maintenance, database, connection, etc. If you are a computer guy, and likes play with computer, no matter hardware or software, that means you are at a correct place.

However, I'd still recommend you to narrow down your interest first, if you are currently a college student, that's great, go talk to some advisers at computer science, information technologies and digital media, or some related areas. They will guild you for your major pick, and career advice after school.

Or maybe start to find a helpdesk intern at your local companies, this is another great change to explore your career, while being an intern at any company, you will see and learn different jobs and responsibilities. Then pick the career you want to go next.

Answered 2 years ago

Yifan Chen


You're lucky, because in IT skills do matter and are the reason why employers will offer you a job. Skills are things you can gain by yourself. Not having industry experience doesn't mean you don't have experience.

I would advise you to gain the skills you need by create your own labs using free available virtualization technologies. In networking you have GNS3, for information systems you have VMWare ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Xen, KVM... that;s experience.

Also remember that sometimes you gain by spending. If you have the discipline to go on a self-study you will save thousands of dollars depending on the cert you are after. Otherwise take in class courses. By all means, please go ahead, buy the books, do the labs, study for your certs, pay for the testing, and get it. Sometimes you will fail at the first test, it happens for all kinds of reasons from blanking out to running out of time. So train yourself to avoid your previous mistakes and go at it again.

Industry certifications will put your foot in the door. It will get you at least a phone interview, and that's where you will have an opportunity to show what you know, so make sure it's solid.

The other thing employers need to know is how you work with other people. This is where your experience working at Burger King, or as a doorman comes in. You will deal with people of different backgrounds and temperament. In this field in our day and age, your colleagues and customers may be from a foreign country, and English would not necessarily be their first language, which means some would have heavy accents. If you can handle it, you'll be fine.

Answered 3 years ago