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Fatima Nieves

My first suggestion is to check with your college counselor for internship opportunities. In many cases you can find opportunities on campus or in companies that work closely with colleges.
Many companies host career/recruiting events at colleges and look for students who can intern with them.
While I was in college I took various internships and the last one I took hired me. That worked out perfectly because I was just graduating from college at the time,

Good luck!

Answered 3 years ago

Fatima Nieves

Steve Zinaman

There are so many ways to enter this field. A lot depends on where you live, the companies in your area, and the resume you can develop.

Most companies have a need for a MIS specialist. You might have gain entry as an intern. Perhaps your school has an intern program where they have feeder-type relationships. For example, when I worked for a large wall street invenstment bank, we accepted interns every summer from Columbia, NYU, and City College.

MIS is a large field, and in todays IT world, you must develop and point your resume to the direction of the compnay's around you, and their specific IT needs. The fact that you're a student is a plus. The fact that you are studying in that field is even better.

In summary, identify the larger companies in your area. Get with your schools placement office to see if they have an IT intern placement programn. And then write a tight, directional resume that tells your story and seperates you from the pact.

Good luck.

Answered 6 years ago

Steve Zinaman