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Lauren McCoy

You can surf the web for different categories. Ex: Fine Arts= Photography, dancing, singing, acting etc. Also, going to college websites and under the majors that are offered can help you determine what you'd like to study :).

Answered 2 years ago

Lauren McCoy

Kenneth Groom

Start with your top 5 interest/majors

Look for classes within your freshman and sophomore year that build on 2 or more of these majors. (example calculus is relevant to most STEM majors) . Hopefully through the coursework you will pinpoint what your top priorities are.

Also, utilize interest groups of your interest to see some of the career paths of people who share your interest. (MEETUP.COM, Linkedin, college interest groups)

Also remember that a good amount of people end up in careers that aren't directly related to their majors/interest.

Answered 3 years ago

Kenneth Groom

Kasandra Johnson

I also had a tough time with this as I began college! I took my credit hours for real estate and realized it wasn't for me.

The beauty is, is that you still have plenty of time to figure out what motivates you!

Take elective courses that you are interested in along with your general studies. Don't be afraid to branch out as this will make you a well-rounded candidate in the future.

Think back to what you really liked during your prior schooling.

What did you really like about your extra-curricular activities and jobs? What traits did they have? Were you working independently? In groups?

Learn a little more about yourself by taking some online personality tests. You will likely do this in college if they have a career development class available ( I recommend taking that course as soon as possible!)

Some Personality tests to consider:

1. DiSC---http://discpersonalitytesting.com/free-disc-test/

2. Jung Personality Type--This will also let you know what types of careers you match up with. http://www.humanmetrics.com/CGI-WIN/JTYPES1.HTM

3. Top 3 Motivators--http://richardstep.com/self-motivation-quiz-test/

***Note that the very basic parts of these assessments are free. You can pay for more, but it's most likely you can take advantage of the more comprehensive reports for free at school.

I then recommend you check out O*net which is a comprehensive guide to industry and job descriptions. Play around with it. They will give you tons of information including job growth, wages, what schooling is needed, related jobs, etc.


Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

-Kasandra Johnson

Answered 4 years ago

Kasandra Johnson