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Otto Grajeda

I recommend you practice ; ideally with a person
for real time interaction. If this isn't possible, try
recording yourself (audio or video) and review

Repeat until you feel comfortable answering
questions without difficulty. Some tips on
answering other types of questions are here
(the "5 toughest interview questions):
(they are labeled as such).

Once practicing, another good source to visit is:
http://www.asktheheadhunter.com/ .

The above should get you started in the right
direction and help "polish" your interview skills.

Good luck !


Answered 8 years ago

Otto Grajeda

Brandi Briggs

Most interviews are situation based , meaning they will ask give me a scenario when you did this or that. To prepare for those write a list of accomplishments or actions YOU took to improve a situation and the outcome. I usually have about 6-7 examples that I memorize so I can easily recall them and tailor them to the question asked. Then I would suggest having 3 questions ready to ask the hiring manager at the end. DO NOT ask about pay etc. Instead ask them what do they like about their job, get them open to give you information that you can use in your thank you letter. You have to set yourself apart from all the other applicants so give interesting answers not what you think they want to hear. Also RESEARCH the company show the hiring manager that you know facts about when the company was established, mission statements, and organizational set up.

Answered 6 years ago

Brandi Briggs

Gillian Harris-dale


I agree with the suggestions of Mr. Grajeda.

I often suggest to individuals with interview anxiety such as what you describe try applying for some jobs that you that are not at the top of your must have list. Consider these types of jobs life interview practice. The more interviews you have the more comfortable you get with the process, and this usually helps elevate the anxiety associated with the process.
Another strategy you can try is to approach each interview with the mindset of telling someone you know about your abilities, skills, and talents – speaking to a friend, colleague, or love one. Be mindful not go into the interview with the physical demeanor that accompany this mindset. Instead use it to mentally calm you in creating the mentally of thinking that the interviewer is not trying to trick you, but instead is interesting in hearing about what you are about (I call this the mental smile).
If your anxiety is with speaking then you may also want to join an organization such as Toastmasters that assist with public speaking.

I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like further assistance.

Much success.

Answered 8 years ago

Gillian Harris-dale