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Kathleen McDonald

A good lawyer needs to be able to pay close attention to detail, sort out important facts from a mish mash of information presented, and keep a calm and level head in the face of clients who might be upset and emotional. A good lawyer also needs to be able to read carefully because legal opinions are not easy to get through, to think through issues ,and to come up with possible solutions to problems. Most lawyers work a lot of hours, too. Being a lawyer is an "office job." You need to be honest with yourself if you think you would be happy working in an office (including courtroom) all day. Lawyering is like solving puzzles, in some ways. There's also a huge array of lawyer jobs--both in settings and in areas of law. Lawyers don't practice in ALL areas of law, there's simply too much. So if you love working with people, you might want to consider estate planning or adoptions/guardianships. If you love business, you might want to do corporate law. For a while I practiced environmental law, but now I do education law, particularly special education law, and I love it.

Answered 6 years ago

Kathleen McDonald