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I am interesting in possibly going to law school because of what I think I could accomplish, especially with a focus on Intellectual property, but I am not sure if it is the path because I have had no exposure or experience with this field. Any advice on the choice of pursuing a law degree?

I am a Business Informatics major which means I am have knowledge in both business and information systems. I am more interested in the business aspect of my major because of the face-to-face interaction but I do enjoy the technology side, just not the actual coding and developing of a system.

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John Mulbah

Hi, I firstly just wanted to congratulate you for your hard work and being a smart student. The first thing I wish to bring to your attention is intellectual property is about inventions , meaning that these have to do with images that are used in business settings I will first encourage you you to pursue the MBA, which is the master of business administration, . This is my advice. I hope this helps, if you any comments, please let me know

Answered 5 years ago

John Mulbah