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I think law is something that you need to have a bit of interest at least. But if you don't, take a couple of classes and see how you feel. If you are in college, you can start by taking Business law, Government and politics which would give you a base for law. You can also take Criminal Justice.You can always change your mind.

Answered 9 years ago


Chandani Rijal

Law is something you have to love in order to get through the process. I'm sure you heard law school is not easy, so the only way you can pass is if you have passion for it, you do not need to have a BIG passion because you can fall more in love with law in the process of law school. However, you can go into law school with a little passion and realize you cannot do this and with that you can waste lots of time and money.

Thus, I recommend always to really love and have a BIG passion for whatever you choose in life because you will be doing this your entire life. Also, to get through the competitive education process you need that passion

Answered 8 years ago

Chandani Rijal