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Kelly Helmbrecht

One nice thing about law school is you can apply with any undergraduate degree imaginable. I personally majored in Political Science and then attended law school.

I believe an undergraduate degree in either Political Science or English are extremely helpful degrees to have when attending law school. The reason why I say Political Science and English degrees are helpful is because both degrees require a lot of essay writing. In law school and as an attorney you will be writing a lot! Writing is something that you can only improve your skills with practice, which a degree in Political Science or English will provide.

However, with that being said, you can attend law school with any degree. If there is a subject matter you are very passionate about and feel you can excel at, choose that. There are a lot of people who attend law school with degrees in business or psychology. If you choose something you are interested in, you will have any easier time obtaining good grades, which will help you get in to the law school of your choice.

Answered 7 years ago

Kelly Helmbrecht