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Chuck Coleman

I had the very same concern at that age! So, I asked myself what was it that I liked to do that I could work at? This is a good place for you to start to I believe!
For me it was helping people. So, I researched on the internet and elsewhere what I could do. I found that counseling would work for me. So to become a counselor I needed education in that field. So, I went back to graduate school and got a masters degree and the rest is history.
Hopefully, you can do the same thing or something that you would like to do!

Answered 6 years ago

Chuck Coleman

Ward Morrow

I have found many job opportunities by searching the internet for the specific job you are seeking. However, you should check out each opportunity before you make a commitment because some offers might not be valid. Good luck. Ward

Answered 8 years ago

Ward  Morrow