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Victoria Barton Rosenthal

Marketing is an area where there are lots of opportunities, it's just about finding the area that is best suited to you. Here are some areas of marketing that you may want to consider:

Marketing agencies: You may be responsible for gaining and managing accounts with external clients, helping to create campaigns based on the clients brief and relationship building.

Internal Marketing: By this I mean working in the Marketing division of an organisation, these can usually be subdivided into several categories

- Brand team: Branding can sometimes sit in the Marketing division, but it is quickly becoming seen as a division of it's own. Branding sets the tone for the look and feel of the organisation or a product. This may include the tone of voice used, colour palettes and logos used.

- Marketing team, general: This in its most general form is how you will communicate the product or service to the customers (sometimes these customers may be external, and sometimes internal.) For example this could be via the internet, in the press or even in a retail environment.

- CRM or Customer Relationship Marketing: Something that is increasingly important today is understanding what customers want, what they respond to, and how is best to deliver the product. This involves a degree of analysis and could involve focus groups and market research.

- E-Marketing/Digital Marketing: Again there are several different threads to this area of marketing. It may include social media marketing, designing emails/newsletters to send to customers and monitoring the effectiveness of your website.

Designers: A key part of marketing is the designers. You may be responsible for storyboarding, putting together videos, graphics, posters etc. The possibilities are endless.

These are just a few areas that you can begin to look in to, as I have mentioned, marketing is such a vast field, full of opportunities that these are only skimming the surface!

Answered 7 years ago

Victoria Barton Rosenthal