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Congratulations on getting so far with your marketing degree!! No worries on lack of sales side. I was an engineer and didn't get involved in sales until 8 years after I got my BS degree! now I have run sales teams for multiple companies.

As you know from your studies there are many aspects of marketing and the tie to sales is just a part of the areas.

Question: Do you like dealing with other people? Are you extroverted or introverted or in between? Some of the best sales people I have seen tend to be able to talk with anyone on the spot. if not, not to worry but perhaps you could consider other alternatives.

Marketing analysis or research: Analyzing customer information and helping to synthesize what customer trends are happening.

eMarketing is big area ex: web site development (content).

Product marketing is really fun if you can get a gig with a company making things...whatever they are! Ex: what new "widget" should we make who is going to buy it why? Figuring this stuff out is realy rewarding especially as you see your product go out there and be successful.

what aspect of marketing do you like?

Answered 9 years ago