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CJ Tracy

Like the other answerer mentioned, it looks like aerospace is one option for someone with a BS in Physics.

With physics, often one needs to get a PhD to actually "do physics" as a job.

Now that the economy is improving, there may be some interesting opportunities in business for those with analytical skills. Princeton consulting is one company that actively recruits physics majors. I am not familiar with the company nor do I know how "legit" it is, just did a quick job search.

Regarding project management, that is kind of a vague term. A lot of fields require project managers, but new grads do not start in management positions.

I have a BS in Physics. As much as my department repeated that a physics degree would open the doors to many job opportunities, I did not find this to be the case. However, I did not search for a full time job very aggressively because I had a lucrative part time job and knew I wanted to get a Master's in an applied science field.

Answered 4 years ago

CJ Tracy


Wow, congratulations on your (almost) achievement with your physics degree!! I have seen that physics majors have a wide array of careers they can go into since physics is the bedrock for engineering and other disciplines.

I don't know much about astrophysics but it sounds like a very interesting major to study.

Seems with your degree coming you could do more than project management which doesn't always require a science background.

How about using your degree to work for NASA or an aerospace company? Companies like Lockheed MArtin, Boeing etc.

If you prefer not to go into industry I expect that there are government labs which would value your degree?

Project management is a noble area and it is always in need. What makes you interested in it?

again, you should be proud of how far you have come!!


Answered 5 years ago