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Kimberly Larsen

PR firms act as the middle-man for its clients. They make it easier for their clients to analyze/judge how receptive their brand is by the general public through research and careful campaign planning. It is very important to have basic networking skills (the sooner you start the better), basic writing skills and professional skills. PR also requires students to be very tech savvy. Skills in Photoshop, Indesign, Nielsen usually help students stand out from the crowd. Although it might sound easy, it is important for someone interested in PR to start applying for internships early to have the opportunity to apply their skills working for clients across the board. The reason for it is because PR in crisis management for United Airlines would be very different than PR for a high-end designer. If you're unsure whether or not PR is for you, I would advise seeking an internship at a company that not only provides PR services, but also advertising services in case you are interested in more than one field of communications.

Answered 6 years ago

Kimberly Larsen