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Cammie Grinestaff

I work in marketing/digital product management for a major corporation and have experience with web design and development. In my role I haven't been the one to do the actual design, but I am the one who requests the creation and modification of web pages. I provide the requirements, the goal, the key performance indicators and work closely with the designer to get the pages created or modified. Once in market, I then measure the performance of the pages in relation to the experiences they are tied to such as marketing campaigns or direct traffic. I look at the conversion rates and then identify ways to optimize the page and then test different options.

With that said, I would say some of the skills you need to have are
- market research to identify the problem you are trying to solve and the audience you are solving it for
- web data and analytics so you can measure performance and glean meaningful insights
- writing skills to effectively articulate your requirements
- "experience mapping" to be able to layout the customer experience step by step to understand how the experience you are building ties with other related experiences and to identify gaps and areas for improvement
- A/B testing

To gain these skills I would recommend taking some classes on human centered design, landing page development, data and analytics, customer journey mapping and marketing strategy. There is an excellent organization called CXL the offers classes in all of these areas as well as a certification and various "mini degrees".

Answered 1 month ago

Cammie Grinestaff

Hoa Bui

Hi there,

I recommend really getting familiar with web design via Wordpress as its one of the most commonly used content management systems in the world today. The best way to go about learning this as I did is to try it for yourself.

I opened up my own hosting account on a web server, installed wordpress and other types of content management systems, installed themes, and build my own websites, and even learned how to dab with the HTML/CSS as well.

Answered 7 years ago

Hoa Bui