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Marketing is all tied around identifying "customer needs" and figuring a way to make the customer want to buy a product or service.

There is marketing communications: ex: creating brochures or information about a product for the web or brochures. If you like working with people this one can be good as you figure out how to get the message out.

Market research tries to identify the trends that consumers or companies are responding to. It involves research into what products customers are buying or which type of web sites they are "clicking into" .

There is an area of marketing that is sales support. You work to help sales people who may not know much about a product or service to sell the product or service. This one is good if you really like the end products and enjoy being an "expert" on the particular product. By the way the product could be automobiles, diapers, iPads, motor oil, cosmetics or ANYTHING!!

Hope this helps. If you tell me more about what you have already studied and how it is doing perhaps I can be more helpful to you.

Answered 8 years ago