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Most people with a solid education can say that they have solid writing skills. Your question is too general to really give a straight answer to. Getting copywriting work starts by showing your writing portfolio to the employer along with your resume. There are two ways to build your writing portfolio:
1) a compilation of your best writing assignments from school
2) your freelance writing samples (paid or unpaid)

Most companies want writers that have experience in writing on specific subjects (science, health, fitness, finance, etc.). My best advice to you if you are not enrolled in a writing program is to choose a subject that you are most interested in and start writing about it. For example, if your subject of interest is health then start writing press releases, newsletters, features, etc. about it. Formal writing classes are essential so if you can take various classes and/or workshops then do it! You will also get the guidance you need to get started.

Answered 9 years ago